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Who are we?

We are an Evangelical Lutheran College in a City Called Beit Jala - Palestine.



The School Mission  "Top of Page"

Through a lifelong educational process, Talitha Kumi School aims at empowering all learners to become democratic, loyal, active and responsible citizens by the means of realizing and achieving the following:

 1. The acquisition of integral knowledge and necessary skills needed for creative
     thinking and problem solving.

 2. The adaptation of a set of norms and values prevailing in the Palestinian and
     Arabic cultural heritage, Christian and Islamic teaching and other international

 3. The development of all learners intellectually, spiritually, emotionally,
     physically, socially and ethically.

 4. The answers and performance of civic duties and human rights.

 5. The ability to cope with and adapt oneself to the ever changing circumstances
     locally and internationally.

 6. The appreciation of the diversity of human culture and fine Arts.


Area and Location:  "Top of Page"
Today the Compound is around 9 hectare, 12 km South of Jerusalem and 4 km west of Bethlehem, 850 m height, on the highest place of Beit Jala, looks over Bethlehem. From T.K we can reach Jerusalem through three different roads. Besides Jerusalem Hebron street, there is now since Autumn 1995, a new street, which starts from west Jerusalem and passes T.K in 15 minutes







School Anthem  "Top of Page"